Sponsored Riders/Ambassadors

Meet our sponsored riders and ambassadors

for Oak Spring Bling

 Our Oak Spring Ambassador is Maddy Cindric

Maddy is 16 years old and events at the Novice level.  Maddy decided to try riding since her mom had ridden as did her older sister. She liked it so much she just kept progressing through the eventing levels.  

When asked "What is your favorite part about being an equestrian?"  

When you have a great ride on your horse and you know that all your hard work and home work has paid off.  But nothing beats the bond between me and my horse!

Look for Maddy at Area II events.  She has cards to hand out that are a 10% discount coupon code for the website.  


Meet our western sponsored rider Lauren Keeney

 I am 17 years old from Middletown, Maryland. I became an equestrian at the age of 3 because my entire family had grown up riding horses. In 2014 - 2016, I began to compete in Maryland High School Rodeo. I currently compete in NBHA, Maryland IBRA, Dave Martins Bull Ride Manias, and am looking to do Sebra and APRA's this year. During my first year of Maryland High School Rodeo, I was a qualifier for nationals and went nationals in Rock Springs, Wyoming to compete in Barrel Racing and Pole Bending. During my second year of Maryland High School Rodeo ,in 2015, I qualified for nationals as Barrel Racing Champion and All Around Cowgirl, I also qualified for Goat Tying and Pole Bending, and made the trip back out to Rock Springs, Wyoming for nationals. In 2016 ,I was named State Champion Pole Bender, and National Qualifier in Barrel Racing and Pole Bending. I have 2 horses named Pierre and Girl, both are barrel horses. Pierre is more of a big pen arena horse, and Girl is my little scrappy rodeo pen horse. Pierre is 7 and I have had him a year, Girl is 16 and I have had her around 4 years, she is the horse that has won me most of my titles. My favorite part about being an equestrian is the responsibility it carries with it ,for instance taking care of the horses, and making time to practice everyday. I also like the tough competition that comes with being in the rodeo world , it pushes me to become a better rider.


We are happy to announce sponsored rider. - Carli Cavin

Carli Cavin is a 19 year old from Upperco, Maryland. She started riding horses at the age of two while watching her older sister ride and compete. Carli did many disciplines throughout the years. In 2014 Maryland High School Rodeo Association (MDHSRA) was formed. This is where Carli was introduced to breakaway roping and goat tying. Carli qualified for nationals in Rock Springs, Wyoming for goat tying. In 2015 she qualified for nationals as the state champion in the breakaway roping and goat tying. In 2016 Carli started her rookie year in the breakaway roping for the American Professional Rodeo Association (APRA). Carli has spent 2016 on the road traveling to rodeos, competing in the breakaway roping, and being a professional music director, supplying sound and music at over 50 performances on the east coast. Carli received her music directors card in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association in September of 2016.

Welcome aboard Carli!




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